Learner driver training

Learner drivers in Germany are trained in accordance with the learner driver-training ordinance of 1977, most recently amended on the 13.08.2004. The learner driver-training ordinance has legislative power and describes the objective, content, type and extent of the training as well as the general training principles. The pedagogical layout of the theoretical and practical training are the focal point. The training consists of the theoretical and practical training, both training bocks must be applied in a coordinated manner.

The training objective

The training objective is to turn the driver into a safe, responsible and environmentally conscious traffic prepare the driver for the driving examination. Additionally, the training should mediate a traffic behaviour that include

General training principles

The general training principles take into account the guiding principles from the known to the unknown or from easy to difficult. The scholars are to be motivated to ask questions and participate in discussions. Instead of the traditional frontal instruction, modern methods (e.g. moderation, group discussions, role play or small group exercises) should be applied.

The driving instructor is obliged to only conclude the theoretical and practical training once the learner river has completed the entire training prescribed by law and the driving instructor is convinced that he has attained the training goals and, therefore, the required know-how and abilities to safely control a motor vehicle.

Framework for the theoretical training

The theoretical training orientates itself around a framework containing the compulsory educational content for the various drivers license classes. Apart from the traffic regulations, the traffic behaviour, recognition of and defence against dangers, energy-saving driving behaviour and environmental awareness are the focal point of the training. Apart from the identical basic training for all classes, specific know-how for individual classes is to be mediated.

Training program of the driving school

Each driving school is obliged to set up an own training program, taking into account the set framework, and make it available to the scholars an its premises. The training program is to be subdivided into double lessons of 90 minutes each. The theoretical training orientates itself around this schedule and may not exceed two double lessons per day, i.e. 180 minutes. The filling in of questionnaires, for example in tests, is not seen as part of a lesson and may not, therefore, be included in the calculation of the minimum times for the theoretical training. The minimum duration of the theoretical training is prescribed for the individual classes, e.g. 14 double lessons of 90 minutes each are required for class B.